Total domination in FKS Rounds 7 & 8 for Team Donington Park

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Photos by Chris walker

FKS Rounds 7 & 8 were held at Wigan at the weekend.

Tom had not been to the track for a few years, and was looking forward to racing at the Three Sisters circuit again.

Round 7  (Saturday)

Tom qualified P2, just 0.05secs off pole.

In heat one, starting on the outside, he made a great start, slotting into 3rd. On lap two, he was pushed down to 5th, but then soon made up a place, and pushed the driver in front, to catch the two leaders. With 3 laps to go, he made his move and took the lead, pulling a gap to take the win, by over two seconds.

In heat two, after a brilliant start from pole, Tom was able to pull a gap,  and drove the whole race with a comfortable lead, to take another win.

Heat 3  again starting  from pole,Tom pulled a gap at the start, but with two drivers behind working together, he was soon caught up the long straight, getting in his slipstream. Tom drove well, and after taking back the lead, with a swap of positions, managed to pull a gap, to take his third win of the day.

Final: Starting pole, Tom got a gap at the start, but quickly got caught on the straight.    They were joined by a train of three drivers and Tom dropped to 2nd.  He pushed the leader for 5 laps, before, getting shuffled back to 3rd. With 6 laps remaining, Tom made a move for 2nd and with the leader going wide, he took the lead. After defending well on the last lap, Tom took a well deserved victory. A clean sweep !

Round 8  (Sunday)

Tom did an awesome job, qualifying P1, putting in the quickest lap, with the least amount of laps in the 30 mins of qualifying.

In heat 1, Tom started P1, pulling a comfortable gap.  After consistently fast laps, the chasing group were unable to catch him and  Tom took the win.

Heat 2, from pole, Tom pulled a gap, but at one point the chasing group looked to be catching. Tom managed to maintain his lead, and took the win.

In heat 3, Tom dropped to 2nd at the start, but by lap 3, took back the lead. He couldn’t quite shake off the chasing driver, who was able to catch up in his slipstream. Defending well, on the last lap, Tom took the third win of the day.

Final, Starting from pole, he made a good start, and lead for two laps. He was then shuffled back to 5th.  With 8 drivers at the front there were continual changes of lead as everyone tried to unsuccessfully to break away.  With 3 laps to go, Tom made his move into 2nd and with the leader defending, Tom was hit hard from behind and did well to stay on track. This caused the leader to go wide and narrowly avoiding disaster, Tom made his move to take the lead.  He pulled a gap and drove brilliantly for the remaining two laps to take the chequered flag and victory !

Tom totally dominated the weekend, with 8 out of 8 wins. A superb display of quality racing. Tom said ” What an amazing weekend ! The kart felt fantastic, thanks to Piers Sexton. He has been terrific, and I couldn’t have done it without him. Sundays final was especially tough, but I’m so happy to have won both rounds. ”

Tom was also won the Bernie Ecclestone ‘Driver of the Day’ Award for outstanding results in Round 5 at Nutts Corner. Another amazing achievement.

Tom leads the Junior Championship:  Junior Standings




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